Holy Koolaid is more than just a Youtube channel, it’s a movement to promote science-education and fight religious extremism. It was founded by Thomas Westbrook (me) in mid 2015, and continues to grow. I currently release Youtube videos every Saturday, in addition to blog posts, and I would like to publish books and crowdfund a educational tech startup in the future. Be sure to join the community by signing up for my email newsletter.

Ben - Holy Koolaid

Thomas Westbrook


Thomas was raised as a missionary kid in the Middle East. He double majored in International Studies and Russian at Texas A&M with a concentration in Political Science. He loves learning, studied religion for over 2 decades, and in the last five years has developed an insatiable thirst for knowledge – particularly science-based education. He’s a humanist and a satirical polemicist who hates pseudoscience and believes in freedom of and from religion and the separation of church and state. With a background in IT and video editing, he travels the world and uses his skills to promote science and fight religious extremism.

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