Holy Koolaid is more than just a Youtube channel, it’s a movement to promote scientific skepticism, freedom of speech, thought, and assembly, and encourage freedom of (as well as freedom from) religion. It was founded by Thomas Westbrook (me) in mid 2015, and continues to grow. Videos are released every Saturday, in addition to blog posts. I’m working on writing my first book and coming up with resources to help atheists who feel stigmatized and alone or want to get involved in secular activism. Down the road, I would love to crowdfund an educational tech startup. Be sure to join the community by signing up for my email newsletter.

Ben - Holy Koolaid

Thomas Westbrook


Thomas was raised as a missionary kid in the Middle East. He double majored in International Studies and Russian at Texas A&M with a concentration in Political Science. He loves learning, studied religion for over 2 decades, and in the last five years has developed an insatiable thirst for knowledge – particularly science-based education. He’s a humanist and a satirical polemicist who hates pseudoscience and believes in freedom of and from religion and the separation of church and state. With a background in IT and video editing, he travels the world and uses his skills to promote science and fight religious extremism.

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