How to add Subtitles to a YouTube Video in 2017:

Assuming the owner of the youtube channel has enabled community contributions of subtitles, then anyone can translate a video and submit their subtitle/closed caption contribution to the channel owner for review. Here’s an easy, photo guide showing you how to add subtitles to a youtube video in 6 easy steps:

Step One: Click the Gear

Step Two: Click “Subtitles/CC”

Step Three: Add Subtitles/CC

Step Four: Click Select Language

Step Five: Type in the Language you’re translating to

Step Six: Add subtitles and submit to the channel owner

1. Enter your translation.
2. Make sure it matches the timing of the words spoken.
3. Submit your contribution.

Try it out now: Submit closed captions (subtitles), in your language, on my channel.

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