Atheist Conferences

Atheist Conferences 2017

Below is a collection of atheist conferences in the US in 2017. Hopefully, this is a helpful resource for you if you’re looking for a conference to attend. If I missed one, let me know in the comments below. I’m not going to be able to attend all of them. The green ones are the ones I’m definitely attending. The blue ones are ones I’m seriously interested in that I may be able to attend but I’m not 100% sure yet. Anything after August, I have no idea about yet, but I’ll keep this updated.

A Conference called wonder
May 18-21
San Diego, California

Imagine no Religion
June 2-4
Toronto, Ontario

American Humanists Association
The 76th Annual American Humanists Association conference is a four day event with an expected attendance of 500 people.
June 8-11
Charleston NC

A day-long conference of science and skepticism in Northern California.
June 11
Berkeley, California

NE Conference on Science & Skepticism (NECSS)
An annual conference to promote science & critical thinking.
June 28 – July 2
New York City, NY

SSA Annual Conference
The largest secular student conference in the nation specializing in leadership development, grassroots organizing skills, and secular activism training.
July 7-9
Columbus, OH

Gateway to Reason
An atheist/secular conference and entertainment event with a focus on reason, rational thought, logical conclusion, and lively discussion.
July 28-30
St Louis, Missouri

OCFA Conference
The annual Freethought conference put on by the Freethought Alliance.
August 13
Fullerton, CA

American Atheists Convention
The annual American Atheists convention focusing on science, space, technology, and atheism that will coincide with the 2017 total solar eclipse.
August 19-20
Charleston, SC

Skeptrack 2017 (At DragonCon)
A annual gathering geared towards the science-based/nerdy/skeptical community that coincides with DragonCon.
September 1-4
Atlanta, Georgia

Kentucky Freethought Convention
September 2
Louisville, Kentucky

40th Annual FFRF National Convention
September 15-17
Madison, Wisconsin

Mythinformation Conference
September 30
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Free Thought Day
October 15
Sacramento, California

October 13–15
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Freethought Florida Conference (FREEFLO 2017)
October 20-22
Orlando, Florida

October 26–29
Las Vegas, Nevada

Skepticon 10
November 17
Springfield, Missouri

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