8 Ways to Support Holy Koolaid:

1. Make a Donation

While I would gladly blog and make videos for free, sadly, it isn’t cheap. Equipment costs, software, subscriptions to royalty-free footage sites and animation suites, and website hosting are just a few of the many costs it takes to keep Holy Koolaid afloat. Please help by supporting Holy Koolaid in one of the following ways:

    • Patreon even $1/video helps (that’s the cost of a cheap toothbrush)
    • Paypal – Accepts all major credit/debit cards.
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    • Mail a Check (Payable to Holy Koolaid LLC):
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2. Tell influential atheists about Holy Koolaid

Have a favorite secular podcaster, blogger, youtuber, actor, director, radio host, newscaster, author, or internet celebrity? Tweet or email them some of my work. Targeted sharing helps me out more than just about anything else. I would be happy to be on different people’s shows. Even if I don’t necessarily agree with their message (if we don’t show up, then we lose the battle of ideas). Also, any shout-outs/mentions are always greatly appreciated, you wonderful person! 🙂

3. Get Involved on Social Media

Sign up for my mailing list: Starting with my very first bulk email, I’ve had some issues with Mailchimp (the emailing service I use), which still haven’t been resolved, but hopefully I’ll have this fixed soon. Also, everyone who signs up for my mailing list now, will get my e-book free once it’s finished.
Follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page, subscribe on YouTube check out my Instagram. I also have Pinterest and I’m just getting into Snapchat (doubtandabout).

Liking and sharing my YouTube videos really helps me a lot, and takes less than a second, but tells YouTube that it’s quality content and increases the chance of them promoting it to others.

Also, at the end of my blog posts, you can click any of the “share this post” icons that look like this, to share them around the web:

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4. Print & post/hand out fliers

Print out this flier and hand it out or post it on public bulletin boards. Make sure you have permission to first. Most college bulletin boards are available for public posting, and some businesses will let you leave a stack of fliers, but make sure you follow these guidelines so you don’t get into trouble. Key takeaways:

  • Make sure you have permission before posting on private property.
  • Some towns require permits for door-to-door distribution. Know your local laws.
  • Make sure you don’t obstruct public walkways.
  • Be polite, and try to pick up litter if people discard your fliers.
  • Don’t post on telephone poles or other similar places without express permission from your local authorities.

Not able to hand out fliers yourself? Hire one of these guys:

*I entered these by hand, so sorry if there are a few typos or mistakes

5. Have me on your show

Have a show? Want to have me on it? I can easily be reached via Twitter or through the contact form on this site. I check both daily.

6. Invite me to Conferences/Meetups/Atheist “Churches”

Ask to have me speak at conferences. I’m location independent, so this one is pretty easy for me, if my budget allows, or if my travel costs are covered. The more you request to have me attend your favorite conferences, the more likely I’ll be there. I’ll be road-tripping the US this summer. If you have an Oasis, Sunday Assembly, or equivalent meeting, I would be happy to speak one Sunday. Or, if you have a large atheist meetup group, let me know if you’d like to organize a meet and greet.

7. Make & Spread Holy Koolaid Memes

I don’t have a massive advertising budget, but I have amazing fans! Want to help me normalize atheism? Want to spread a pro-science message of love, secular humanism, and critical thinking? If you like a quote from a Holy Koolaid video, you’re welcome to screen grab, memify, and share it.

    1. Take a screenshot of a particular part of a Holy Koolaid Video, or use one of these images:
    2. Head to your favorite meme generator site, or pick one of these:
    3. Upload your image.
    4. Add a caption/quote from your favorite Holy Koolaid video.
    5. Share

8. Translate my videos

Translate my videos into another language, and submit the closed captions.

Thanks for your eager willingness to help spread reason, love, and critical thinking. Y’all are the best! Thanks for being awesome, and don’t drink the koolaid!

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