Coming Out Atheist

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Coming Out Atheist (Apostate’s Guide)

Coming out atheist? It can be difficult coming out atheist and you can face a lot of blowback from family, coworkers, and friends. The way you come out of the atheist closet can make all the difference in the world. Below is a guide for emerging apostates showcasing 5 mistakes to avoid when coming out of the atheist closet.

For a more comprehensive guide on steps you can take to make coming out atheist easier, check out my appearance on this episode of the common heathens podcast:

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Coming out Atheist can be difficult. But there are steps you can take to make coming out of the atheist closet a bit easier. 13 countries have death penalties for apostasy. Many others have less severe punishments for apostasy or have blasphemy laws. Even in the west people face blowback from family, friends, teachers, and co-workers. Here are 5 mistakes people make when coming out atheist. As you leave the faith, hopefully avoiding these mistakes will make your journey out of the atheist closet easier. For part 2 check out my guest appearance on the Common Heathens podcast with Godless mom and Mr. Oz Atheist.

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