What is Holy Koolaid LLC?

Holy Koolaid is an anti-cult, educational organization. Curiosity, scientific skepticism, freethought, and the boldness to question dogma are the foundations of progress; but all too often, religious institutions shut down free inquiry to preserve that which they deem sacred. Scientific progress is slowed, scandals are covered up, and no matter how much harm results, blind faith is preserved. At Holy Koolaid, curiosity is king. No idea is sacred, and truth withstands scrutiny. Everything is questioned and explored within the framework of scientific skepticism.

Holy Koolaid is a secular, pro-science movement. Founded in 2015 by Thomas Westbrook, Holy Koolaid has become a weekly, online show garnering millions of views with tens of thousands of subscribers and dozens of media appearances/collaborations. We’ve created an active social media community for science-loving skeptics. We provide helpful resources for atheists to find local secular communities or discover an atheist/skeptic/freethought podcast. At the Holy Koolaid merchandise store, we encourage our fans to make a public statement against dogma via their apparel. This is just the first inning. Together we will create a world that dares to be curious. Want to stay updated? Join the movement by signing up for the Holy Koolaid Community Newsletter.

Thomas - Holy Koolaid

Thomas Westbrook


I was raised as a missionary kid in a former Soviet, Muslim country in Central Asia. I double majored in International Studies and Russian at Texas A&M with a concentration in Political Science. I’m a board member of the Atheist Community of Tulsa and a full-time secular activist. I love learning, have studied religion for over 2 decades, and in the last five years I’ve developed an insatiable thirst for knowledge – particularly science-based education. I love humanity and want to see it progress, so I fight for education and human rights, every chance I get. I’m not afraid to question the status quo, but try to do it with tongue-in-cheek humor.

I don’t like to live under a cloud of hate, but I despise pseudoscience, cults (and people/organizations that use cult-like manipulation tactics), and superstition. I believe in freedom of and from religion and the separation of church and state. I worked in IT and have a lot of video editing experience. Since I work online, I like to do it remotely from foreign countries. It’s not only cheaper living abroad, but it’s eye-opening. Travel broadens the mind. After spending several months in South East Asia, I returned to the US to make the rounds of atheist/freethought conferences in North America.

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