The largest list of atheist YouTube channels (revised 2019)

Are you searching for a new atheist YouTube channel? Maybe you're a secular activist with a story to tell or cause to promote, but you don't know where to go to get exposure. Or perhaps you're a content creator looking for like-minded YouTubers in your niche to inspire you or to collaborate with. You've come to the right place. This is the largest, most comprehensive list of skeptic, freethought, and atheist YouTube channels ever created (but please note: it's still a work in progress).

As an atheist YouTuber myself, I'm fully dedicated to making the best-possible, science-based videos at Holy Koolaid that are fun, witty, and educational. You can check out my work here: Additionally, here are 8 other channels from the list below that I recommend checking out. These are relatively new, active channels in the movement who regularly create excellent work related to atheism and the secular movement as a whole: Rationality Rules, Rachel Oates, Cosmic Skeptic, Genetically Modified Skeptic, Godless Cranium, Paulogia, Professor Stick, Telltale Atheist

If you have a freethought, atheist, or skeptic youtube channel that's not on this list, please contact me via my contact form to have it added to the list.

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