Crazy speaking in tongues clip

Trump Advisor Speaks in Tongues

This is by far the craziest speaking in tongues video I have ever seen! It's from circa 1994 and is between two grown men. They speak back and forth to each other in gibberish for several minutes.

Here's where it gets fun!

I'm holding a competition for the best captions to this clip!


  1. Download the clip here
  2. Add captions to it and upload your finished video to YouTube
  3. Send me the link to your finished video: with "tongue fight" in the subject line.

The winner gets a free shoutout on my channel and a free mug. I'll also share all submissions to my social media pages, even if you don't win (as long as it's not hateful - I maintain the right to exercise discretion). Good luck!

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Craziest Tongue-Speaking Video (by a Trump Advisor)
Craziest Tongue-Speaking Video (by a Trump Advisor)

Kenneth Copeland and Rodney Howard-Browne speak in tongues in this crazy glossolalia video. Both have close connections with Trump, and Kenneth Copeland is even on Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board. In this clip from the early 1990s, we see complete insanity as the two of them converse in complete gibberish in front of a crowd of thousands. This is Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne and Pastor Kenneth Copeland exposed.

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