Faithless Forum Recap

This last weekend, Genetically Modified Skeptic, Telltale Atheist, Prophet of Zod and myself organized the second ever Faithless Forum conference, and it was a massive success. Our speakers included:

Drew McCoy (GM Skeptic)
Thomas Westbrook (Holy Koolaid)
Owen Morgan (Telltale Atheist)
Prophet of Zod
Stephen Woodford (Rationality Rules)
Alex O’Connor (Cosmic Skeptic)
Rachel Oates
Eric Murphy (Talk Heathen)
Objectively Dan (Truth Wanted)
Shannon Q
Suris the Skeptic
Kyle Curtis (The Non Sequitur Show)
Aron Ra
Cristina Rad
Seth Andrews (The Thinking Atheist)
Matt Dillahunty (And the Atheist Experience).

We sold out our tickets in five weeks, two months before the conference, and had to stop marketing the event, since we couldn’t sell any more tickets. By the date of the conference, we had a ticket cancellation wait list bigger than our attendee list (171 attendees and 176 ticket purchases).

The event was a massive success. It was loads of fun and super interactive, with Seth Andrews reading our hate comments and the audience guessing whose channel received the comment. We also had content creators interview members of the audience, while wearing hilarious outfits. Everyone made new friends, and all of our speakers mixed with the crowd from the time we kicked off the event until the end of the after party (we rented out the entire Kona Grill so we could spend more time with everyone there).

This event was super engaging and hopefully inspired more people to get involved in secular activism. The demographic was very diverse and was the youngest I’ve ever seen at an atheist conference. YouTube truly is the platform where the next generation is being drawn in to the movement.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to release a video all month while planning the conference, since conference planning is an enormous amount of work. I’m releasing a couple videos tonight and will release a recap video about the conference soon giving a full re-cap of the Faithless Forum and I’ll embed it on this page.

Thank you continuing to support my work!

Dare to be curious, but don’t drink the Koolaid!
Thomas Westbrook

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