Islam - Behind the Veil

Islam – Behind the Veil

Every day, thousands of women in Islamic countries face horrific human rights violations because of the religion of Islam. In the West, we’re often too terrified to speak up and are told that that’s just part of their culture. But these low expectations for those in the Muslim world is bigotry – bigotry of low expectations. Millions of women suffer while we sit silent. Enough is enough! It’s time to speak up and be a voice for the voiceless.

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Islam - Behind the Veil
Islam - Behind the Veil

Women in Islam often have no voice & are persecuted for speaking up. Honor killings, beatings, stonings, beheadings, forced female genital mutilations, and restricted rights are common throughout the Muslim world, but often those who speak against it are told that that's just their culture and it's racist/islamophobic to speak out. But this is bullshit, and it's bigotry of low expectations. It's time to fight for equality for women. Enough is enough, and it's time we speak out and fight for the rights of those who have no voice.

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