James Randi talks about the importance of skepticism

Magician James Randi on the Importance of Skepticism

All around us are dishonest charlatans boasting supernatural claims in order to bilk the credulous out of their hard-earned money: a psychic who’s made millions by convincing grieving, vulnerable people she can talk with their dead loved ones; a faith healer who claims a direct connection with god before passing the offering plate to fund his private jet. The list goes on and on and on. That’s where James Randi comes in. He’s a world renowned magician who has dedicated his life to spreading scientific skepticism – exposing the secrets of psychics and debunking supernatural claims through TV and speaking appearances, documentaries, and books. His work has helped millions of people to avoid the snake oil and to think a little more skeptically.

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The Magician James Randi on the Importance of Skepticism
The Magician James Randi on the Importance of Skepticism

James Randi, the legendary magician, skeptic, and paranormal debunker talks about the importance of scientific skepticism and how his work as a magician has shaped the way he views the world. James "The Amazing Randi" has spent decades in show business as a magician, but as a psychic investigator and debunker of the paranormal, Randi stresses the fact that it's all an artful deception and not supernatural at all - earning him the nickname "An Honest Liar." In this interview, James Randi discusses his work as a magician and the importance of being skeptical.

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