Weird Science by Victor Harris Jr.

Weird Science – An Inspirational Poem about the Cosmos by Victor Harris Jr.

I got the chance to meet Victor first at Free Thought Day in Sacramento, California, then a month later at Skepticon in Missouri. I was impressed by his work and wanted to make him a quality video to showcase his talents, so I recorded this at Skepticon and have been editing it, between working on my other videos, for the last couple months. I’m proud to be able to release this on Christmas Eve, since it’s very uplifting, and will hopefully boost everyone’s holiday cheer. Please share this, if you enjoy it. He has a really positive message, and I’d love to see his work become internationally famous!

I am an amazing amalgamation of milliseconds;
A compilation of coincidences;
A collection of infinitely small spans of time that separates me from the possibility of my bloodline.
I have managed to outswim 500 million of my brothers and sisters to be here today – continuing a chain of happenstance that began moments after the big bang brought the universe into being.
Matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, so the same molecules that make up me in this instance have been in existence for over 13 billion years!
We are heavenly, but there is no godly hand evident in the creation of man.
I can instead trace evidence of my being into the cosmos.
The same elements that make me unique have been sourced to create the universe.
I mean, forget Jesus; stars died.
Galaxies gave their lives to form my fingertips.
How could I not find wonder in waking up, be more amazed at each day that I am granted more time on this little blue marble, floating through the vast emptiness of space?
I am in awe of life.
To quote Carl Sagan:

“I find it elevating and exhilarating to discover, that we live in a universe which permits the evolution of molecular machines as intricate and subtle as we.”Carl Sagan

I am left breathless by the understanding that my continuance is an example of the improbable vs. the impossible, and despite what some might think, this makes my life more precious – makes each day more valuable – lends weight and reality to the precious actuality of each person that I allow into my life, because I see that they are an amazing amalgamation of milliseconds, a compilation of coincidences, a collection of infinitely small spans of time that separates them from the possibility of their bloodline. So I offer assistance where I’m able, compassion when I can, and a hug when life’s weight proves too great for them to stand, because these memories will be the markers of my legacy – allowing me to exist for eternity – or at least, a few years past my mental exit from this planet, a few years past my physical exit from this planet, a few years past that moment in time when my atoms are reconnected with the cosmos.
I live my life relaxed and happy, because I know that I could be gone tomorrow, and like Stephen Hawking said,

“When your expectations have been reduced to zero, do you truly appreciate everything you have.”Stephen Hawking

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Weird Science by Victor Harris Jr.
Weird Science by Victor Harris Jr.

Weird Science by Victor Harris Jr. Edited by Thomas Westbrook A Holy Koolaid Production

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