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Atheist Rant – Dismantling the Seesaw of Whataboutery

Normally I post something educational or motivational. But today, I’m just going to do a rant… an atheist rant!

It’s always the same dodge. A priest rapes a kid, the Catholic church covers it up, and no sooner do I open my mouth to condemn the church’s actions, before some faithful zealot derails the conversation with “What about Islam? It’s clearly a bigger threat to our freedom. Look at all the problems it causes.” And while they’re not wrong, they’re just passing the baton of which religion’s worse. I’m an atheist. Do I really have to pick my favorite pile of horse shit?

So I make a post or shoot a video criticizing Islam for all its flaws – deconstructing the Suras in the Quran that encourage the beating of women, allocating their worth as half that of a man’s, and promoting sex slavery. It’s up for 2 minutes before some inflamed apologist flares up in defense of this patriarchal backwash with “What about Christianity? The Crusades? The Inquisition? The Old Testament is just as violent?” Can you hear yourself?

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What about Christianity? I’m so fucking tired of people trying to defend their religion by shifting the blame from one religion to the next. You do realize that whichever side you’re throwing this divertive smokescreen from, in doing this you’re admitting you don’t have a reasonable defense for the atrocities of your religion. This is the equivalent of saying. Gasp! Look over there!

Do you see me defending Christianity? I rail against it regularly on this channel, because I was raised in the church, and I know all the messed up stuff in the Christian faith. And I lambast Islam because I grew up in the Muslim world. I’ve been all over the Middle East from Turkey to Afghanistan. I know the way women are treated under sharia, and I see the constant threat gays and ex-Muslims live under – fearing for their very lives (often facing threats of honor killing from their parents and siblings). When you try to argue about which religion’s worse, you’re at least yielding the fact that they’re both BAD. The Bible; the Quran? Same diaper different skid marks. I go after them both, systematically dismantling their malarkey with ruthless abandon because they’re both dangerously problematic and stifle progress. But I can only deal with one at a time. And as I do, I get the inevitable see-saw of whataboutery from both camps. Any one person can only hope to address one problem at a time. Would you burst into a breast cancer awareness run yelling “what about bronchitis?” No you wouldn’t, because doing that would make you a dick.

So the next time you hear about some horrible atrocity committed because your religion. Do the world a favor. Wake up and eat your humble pie. And don’t derail the train of progress just because mirrors make you uncomfortable.

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Atheist Rant: Enough Whataboutery! (Diversion Apologetics)
Atheist Rant: Enough Whataboutery! (Diversion Apologetics)

Atheist rant time! I'm so tired of diversion apologetics - people who shift the focus to another religion when you point out the problems with their religion. What about Islam? What about Christianity? Enough whataboutery! I'm an atheist. Why do I have to pick my favorite pile of horse shit?

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