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Why are humans edible?

Let’s imagine for a moment that I’m interacting with a theist. Though lacking evidence, for the purpose of thought experiment I’ll charitably grant her the existence of a God. To make matters more fun, I’ll take it one step further, and though demonstrably false, I’ll assume all the legends of the Judeo Christian God to be true. Now I just have one blaring question.

Why are people made of meat? Why did God make us edible?

If we’re given dominion over the world and are supposed to fill the earth and subdue it, then why are we walking meat sacks? Most of us are jerky bites but even Hafþór Björnsson is just a family sized meal to a hungry lion pride. We are constantly being eaten by bacteria, parasites (like mosquitoes), and for much of our history, wild animals.

If god exists, he is clearly the greatest troll alive. Tells man to rule over the animal kingdom, and then makes him out of animal food. This would be the equivalent of telling a sentient gummy bear to watch a daycare.

Trace the genealogies of the Bible back to Adam, and if he’s passing DNA to his offspring, it can only be assumed that he was made of meat too. But why? Did God anticipate Adam’s fall and create him meaty from the get go – destining his lineage to brutal ending after brutal ending as tasty snacks?

And if Adam was made in the image of God’s. Is God made of meat? If so, maybe he could lend us little toe or something and end world hunger. You’d think having existed forever, he would have digitized himself after a while. If he was remotely loving, why couldn’t he have done the same for us? Instead of making us delicious to parasites.

The fact that we’re made of meat makes perfect sense from an evolutionary standpoint. We’re made of the most common elements in the universe, which we can observe forming through nuclear fusion all around us in stars far and wide. We’re made of the same organic molecules that we’ve observe self-forming without any assistance in a plethora of conditions under close observation in laboratories.

Every living creature on earth is made of these exact same ingredients. We’ve observed so many of the stages of abiogenesis and evolution – from simple chemical evolution to the formation of multicellular colonies, to endosymbiosis, to speciation, and the development of new traits. Every living organism is coded with the same molecular building blocks – DNA – and every organism shares DNA in common.

So it makes sense that we’re edible. Because food is just the proteins, carbs, and fats that we’re all made of which can be rearranged in our bodies to perform different essential functions. Plants and animals are made of the same stuff we are. That’s why we eat them. And we’re made of the same stuff they are which is why they eat us.

But computers and robots don’t need to eat food. They don’t need to drink water or breathe. They can run on electricity. They can exist in extreme cold and don’t require sleep. We already know they can massively outperform a human in almost every kind of calculation, and continue to improve exponentially. There’s no reason to believe that if given the right kind of sensors, and structuring its digital mind correctly, that a robot wouldn’t be able to have feelings and emotions. And it wouldn’t be food.

The only reason to cover a robot in food, Westworld-style, would be to make them more aesthetically pleasing to savages like us – to avoid the uncanny valley creep factor of people-ish robots. We’re insecure, as we should be. Because we’re edible and we’re vulnerable. And if there was a god made of food, I would understand its extreme insecure necessity for dominance and worship.

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